The Best Races in the Most Amazing Places

Not all races consist of just running, some are much more than that. What better way to push yourself and take part of these amazing races than in some of the most beautiful places in the world?

Tough Mudder in Sydney

Tough Mudder

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They have Tough Mudder races all over the world, but how cool would it be to participate in the race in beautiful Sydney? It takes place in the middle of November this year and you can guarantee to see some greats costumes. Obstacle course lovers come together to try the challenging 10-12 miles of obstacle course, all in mud. Events include swimming through water full of ice, swinging on monkey bars slathered in butter, running through fields covered in wire, and climbing 12-foot walls.

Jungfrau Marathon in Switzerland


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This marathon sells out almost every year and usually takes place in September. The event has been going on for more than 20 years and gets bigger and better each year. Participants run 26.2 miles, mostly uphill, but through the beautiful country of Switzerland. Runners start at the pretty resort town of Interlaken and pass Swiss villages and waterfalls. The course takes runners through the famous peaks of Switzerland known as the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. Make sure to save some energy for the end, the last ten miles of race is pretty much a 5,000 vertical feet climb.

Race2Adventure in Guatemala


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This adventure last 8 days and only costs around $2,000 dollars that includes lodging, activities and meals. The Race2Adventure takes place every March in Guatemala, but it isn’t all just work. Participants take place in challenging trails every morning that are about 5-10 kilometers long in the heart of the jungle. But in the afternoon, they can go on events like swimming in waterfalls and hot springs, jumping off cliffs, river rafting and even visiting Maya ruins. But participants can also just lounge around and drink cocktails. This adventure really takes work harder, but play harder to a whole new level.