The Best Characters on South Park

South Park has been around for years and some of us have grown to know the characters better than our own friends. Matt Stone and Trey Parker created the show and do those two know how to push some buttons. The show has been on Comedy Central since 1997 and gets better each year. These are some of the best characters from the hit cartoon South Park.

Stan Marsh


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Stan Marsh is a main character on South Park and one of the most known. He is in elementary school and even though he is just an ordinary boy, he is always going on these extreme adventures. He is a great kid that is very friendly and helpful and he is best friends with Kyle. He is sort of a leader and he just might be the most liked character. He somehow gets stuck in these extraordinary experiences but always comes out learning a lesson.

Eric Theodore Cartman


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Cartman is another main character on the show and also one of the most extreme. He is a very rude, arrogant and prejudiced elementary school boy that is extremely manipulative. A lot of episodes surround Cartman and he has become one of the most famous South Park characters. It is safe to say that Cartman is a huge jerk, but very entertaining. He is always stirring up trouble and there are numerous episodes that follow Cartman on a journey of destroying someone else. Cartman is a character that we all love to hate.

Mr. Mackey


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Mr. Mackey is the elementary school counselor and his character is extremely funny. He is also the head of Public Health for the City Counsel and is well known throughout the town of South Park. He is usually very calm and shows he cares for the kids, but he can get angry fast. Mr. Mackey has one of the most unique and hilarious voices on the show. He always ends with what he is saying with “mmmkay” for some reason. But I wouldn’t have him any other way.

Mr. Herbert Garrison


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Mr. Garrison is a recurring character that has sexual and gender issues and is a teacher at the elementary school. He has a friend Mr. Hat that is a puppet he carries around with him at all times. Mr. Garrison has really become a staple in the show. He is definitely an interesting and complex character.



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