Star Wars Land Coming to Disney Parks!

Star Wars be prepared, Disney has announced that a Star Wars-themed Land will come to both Disneyland and Disney World. This will be an excellent chance to give fans the chance to get a closer look at a galaxy far far away.

Star Wars Land

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Disney parks have always had some Star Wars fun, but a whole land dedicated to the movie franchise is going to be epic and is going make the two parks even better. The plan is to have the Star Wars Land expand over 14-acres. They have already started planning and mapping out the area and it sounds like it is going to be epic. They hope to make Star Wars characters and scenes from the movie come to life. The new land will be the largest expansion in Disneyland history and will take over the Toontown area.

The whole thing is going be a jaw-dropping experience. The Star Wars Land is expected to have two major attractions. One of them will give guests the chance to control the Millennium Falcon or a secret mission. This attraction will give guests a chance to experience the action of Star Wars.

Star Wars

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Make sure to be on the look out for your favorite characters. Chewbacca, Yoda, Darth Vadar and more will be walking around the land to interact with guests. There will be plenty of stores and restaurants that will be full on Star Wars-themed and operated by characters. Everything at Star Wars Land is going to be all Star Wars to give fans the ultimate experience.

Disney has not announced a date for when the land will open, but as the time gets closer, more information will be released. We all know that the Star Wars Land is not going to disappoint and fans all over and patiently waiting for it to open.