Safe Workouts With an Arm Injury

Not too long ago we did a post about safe workouts you can do if you have a leg injury. It is very typical for us to favor certain parts of our body and that means we don’t always work them out as hard. If you suffer from an injury, it gives you a chance to focus on those spots that you may not always fully workout. These workouts are great when you have an arm injury.

Injured Rotator Cuff
Just like any injury, it really depends on how bad it really is. But if you have a minor injured rotator cuff, then you are still able to do some cardio. But just remember to make sure not to any unnecessary strain on your injury. When you injure your rotator cuff, you can still try to do the elliptical by holding on to the handles. Or you can try some rows with low weight. Just make sure to do a higher amount of reps. But don’t push yourself too hard because you don’t want to injure another part of your body.

Broken Arm
There are so many things you feel like you cannot do when you have a broken arm. It depends on the location for your break, but there are still some exercises you can do to work your upper body. . If you happen to break your arm closer to your hand, then you can do weighted squats with the assistance of a safety squat bar. The bar helps to make sure your arm, hand and elbow are not in a bad spot while doing the squats.

Tennis or Golfers Elbow
Frequent tennis and golfers tend to suffer from elbow injuries very easily. This can make playing tennis or golf or doing some upper body workouts very painful. But you can still work on strengthening your upper body by doing push-ups without putting a lot of pressure on your elbows. To help with this, use two dumbbells and place your hands on them a few inches outside of your shoulders and turn out 45 degrees. Or even try a push-up using the downward dog position.