Lululemon Trying Too Hard to Attract Men

Back in August Lululemon Athletica released a limited edition beer to hand out during their annual SeaWheeze half marathon. But this isn’t the only brand’s attempt at trying to earn business from men.


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This is actually the second year the brand has released a beer for their half marathon. Last year, they came out with their Sunset Strawberry Wit. This year they debuted their Curiosity Lager. Lululemon teamed up with Vancouver’s Stanley Park Brewing for this beer that includes lemon drop and Chinook hops.

I guess Lululemon figured that if they came out with a beer, it would prove to men that the brand is cool. Or something. I am not sure what they were trying to do, but I think it is odd. I think it is a business trying way too hard. The brand is great for women and they shouldn’t be spending so much time and effort trying to recruit men. I think that it is a great message that yogis are humans too and drink beer, but knowing the brand is mainly for women, it just seems like they shouldn’t have to work so hard to get business from men too.

The brand has actually been focusing a lot of time on their men’s brand. They have even opened men only stores and are really trying to expand their brand. They don’t want to focus so much on yogis, but people who workout in all different ways.

My thought on this? If something isn’t broken, why try to fix it? Lululemon is a huge brand in the yoga industry and I don’t know why they have to reach for more. I will always think of it as a yoga brand and there is nothing wrong with that.