Looking For a Discreet and Luxurious Hotel? Head to Toronto!

Imagine staying in a posh hotel and getting catered to without having to step foot outside of your room. The Windsor Arms Hotel in Toronto offers the most private and discreet getaway for guests. The 5-star hotel is a top destination spot for celebrities, especially during the Toronto International Film Festival.

The coolest thing about this hotel is that it will discreetly deliver anything to your hotel room, as long as it is legal. The hotel is so private, that you have the option to stay in your room and never have to see anyone.

What is their secret? The butler’s pantry. This two-way cupboard is the size of a door and is complete with hidden shelves and is conveniently tucked away in the walls of the suites. All of the hotel’s 28 suites have this accommodation and guests can ask for anything to be delivered like food, Champaign, or even chocolate covered strawberries. Some guests have even ordered guitars and Jell-O to fill their bathtub. As long as it is legal, anything can be delivered, without judgment.

Windsor Arms

Courtesy of thesmithestate.com

The owner of this brilliant hotel is George Friedmann. He got the idea when he experienced an awkward situation with a hotel maid. Friedmann answered the door in his underwear and startled the maid who was delivering pillows. To prevent these awkward situations from happening to others, Friedmann thought of the butler’s pantry and so far, it has turned out to be very successful, especially among celebrities.

The Windsor Arms Hotel is always offering their excellent and discreet customer service, to all guests. The rooms range from $415 per night to around $1,500 per night. The hotel may offer a lot of privacy, but it does it without risking luxury. You know they do a good job if it is a top spot for celebrities year after year.