Is London Getting a NFL Team?

For the past nine years, the NFL has traveled to London each season to play some regular season games. I didn’t realize this had been going on for nine years, but it seems like more and more games are played there each year.

Just this past Sunday, the New York Jets took on the Miami Dolphins at Wembley. So it is no surprise that British Chancellor George Osborn would love to have an official NFL team playing in the UK.

Obsorne is hoping that London will get a team in the next few years. NFL’s executive vice president international, Mark Waller, is also on board with London getting their own team. He said that back in 2007, when the games first started in London, they have always envisioned a team coming to London within 15 years. Well, half of that time is already over so it looks like London might just be getting closer to getting their very own NFL team.


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There are still two more regular season games for the NFL scheduled in London this year. The Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars will play on October 25th and one week later, the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs will face off.

I think it is really cool that some games are played in London because I think there is a big NFL fan base there. So it is nice that fans over in London can still enjoy the NFL. I am just not sure how a London team will work. It sounds like a cool idea; I am just really weary about it working out well. I guess time will tell!