Is Facebook Getting a Dislike Button? Not Quite

Facebook users have been waiting for a dislike button for a long time now. So when I heard that Facebook might finally add this function, I got excited. Then I did some digging and found out what Facebook is REALLY considering and it isn’t quite the dislike button I had in mind.


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Mark Zuckerberg held a question and answer session on Tuesday that streamed live on Facebook. He announced that they would be testing alternatives to the famous like button.

Zuckerberg went on to say that it probably wouldn’t be called a dislike button because they are working on a tool to show empathy, not expressing dislike. He mentions the button would be used for posts regarding natural disasters or loved ones dying. He acknowledged that not every post is good so he wants a button that users can click on to show that they feel that person’s pain and is sorry for what is going on.

This could in a way mean that the person does dislike the post, but not really in the way users were hoping for. I think users are looking for a button that shows they disapprove of the post. But it looks like Zuckerberg doesn’t want to add any more negativity to Facebook. Just last December, Zuckerberg dismissed the idea for a dislike button because he says any tool they add to Facebook needs to be valuable to society and this wouldn’t be.

We shall see what Facebook decides to do. What do you think about this? Do you want a dislike button on Facebook? Do you think a button like this would hurt your Facebook advertising from a business standpoint?