How to write a good essay when you have not enough time

Essay writing is very important but when faced with a limited time factor it becomes the a little bit of a problem with an individual who is working on it especially when it is exam time.

First, remember to be organized and neat. This precaution will give you merit. Before you start writing the essay, write down the key points or words. This procedure is necessary while they are still fresh in your mind. Otherwise, they may disappear while trying to answer the other questions. According to website where you can buy perfect essay, this step will help in reducing the panic that is capable of disrupting your thoughts.

Set up a time schedule for each question (if they are more than one), giving priority to each, according to their “weight”, and also set time for reviewing the issues. When the allocated time for each question is up, stop writing, if it is not yet finished, leave space, and then begin the next question. The incomplete ones will eventually get solved as the review continues. Ten incomplete answers will probably get more credit than five perfect ones.

Read through all questions noting any priority or choice in answering them. Paying attention to how they are phrased for example directive words like, “compare and contrast”, “criticize”, “explain”, “define”, etc.

Before you attempt to answer any question, put them in your words and compare your version with the original one. If they bring out the same meaning, you are on point, but if they do not, you probably misread the question and thus, you can re-read it.

Think before writing and make brief outlines for each question, numbering your points by the order you are going to discuss them .When writing, get straight to the point, stating the main point in the first sentence. Give an overview of your essay in the first paragraph and use the rest of the article to give more details on each point, backing them up with concrete examples, quotations or information from your notes. Teachers are more influenced by compact, clear and organized answers.

Do not write in the hope that the right answer will somehow come up because it is time-consuming and often futile. Knowing little and presenting it well is more superior to knowing too much and presenting it poorly.

When answering, make the first sentence loud while stating the main purpose or idea of your essay, and giving the key points. This part is the introduction, and it should capture the reader’s attention and make them want to read on.

After the introduction then comes the body. This part is where you should develop your argument start each paragraph with an essential point of the introduction, developing each in a complete paragraph, using transitions to connect the points. Watch your time allocation and organization while at the same time avoiding very definite statements whenever possible. Qualify answers when in doubt, like say “towards the end of September” rather than “on the 26th of September.”

Make a summary in your last paragraph, by restating your main idea, indicating its importance. Review your work, completing the incomplete questions, go through every question, and then edit and correct any wrong spellings, incorrect dates and numbers, incomplete words, and sentences.