How to Be Productive While Flying

PlaneSometimes a career can be pretty demanding and hectic. A lot of careers require traveling and sometimes that means long flights. But there are some helpful tips out there that can help you stay on track and get some work done while flying the friendly skies.

If you can, try to choose a flight with WiFi. Of course you can still get some of your work done without WiFi, but having the luxury having WiFi can help you get more things done. While connected to WiFi, you can do any research you need to do and be able to stay up to date on emails so you don’t have a million to go through when you land. By doing this, you won’t feel rushed when you land and won’t have a million emails to go through when you get off the plane.

Even though you want to try to get WiFi, it doesn’t always work out that way. Try to do all of your research and downloading prior to boarding your flight. This way you can still have everything you need to get your work done like recent emails and important documents. Remember, you don’t necessarily need WiFi to do all of your work and planning on the computer.

We all know that flying coach can limit your workspace. You can always pay more to sit in business or first class, but if you are not looking to break the bank, try to get a seat in coach in the exit row. This row gives you more room and is a great place to sit if you want to get some work done. It sometimes does cost a little extra to sit here, but it is worth it and won’t cost nearly as much as it would to fully upgrade.

The most important thing is to be prepared. You can’t get any work done unless all of your devices are charged. It is always a good idea to bring either a back up battery or an external power pack. For phones and iPods, they have small portable power packs that work great and will last your whole flight. Try to charge everything before going on the plane, this is easy since there are lots of plugs at the airport so you can work on things and be charging at the same time.

With these helpful tips, you will be sure to get more work done while flying and have more time to relax in between flights and meetings.