Google Chrome Puts a Stop to Flash Ads

New feature being released on Google Chrome starting September 1st is going to make a lot of Internet browsers happy. The new feature will prevent flash ads from playing on Chrome desktop. So, make sure you are targeting the right Google adwords!


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First, what is a flash ad? It is an animated ad on the Internet using Adobe Flash technology. You can find them all over certain web pages and they can be quite annoying.

The beta version came out in June, but it will become available to everyone tomorrow.  The new feature will be set up so it will only allow to play content like videos when pausing flash animations, so it won’t cause any issues playing your videos when the feature is in use. That is pretty cool and nice.

Of course users have the option to use the feature or not. They can choose to run the ads or pause them and the setting can be turned on and off. Chrome is saying that this new setting will help reduce battery life and performance on laptops. This should help address an issue that a lot of people with Macs complain about.

Others are jumping on the bandwagon, like Amazon who is also stopping flash ads on their website starting September 1st.