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The perfect lad’s night in is no longer exclusively for men as most prefer to invite female friends along, according to a study.

Researchers found that the ultimate lad’s night in has moved with the times and that modern men don’t mind wives, partners or friends of the opposite sex tagging along.

But men can expect to have the door shut firmly in their face as the study revealed that most women are not as liberal with men crashing their party.

In fact, women still see the ultimate girl’s night in as an all-female affair.

The study of 1,000 men and women found that when it comes to entertainment and food, the average bloke isn’t that surprising.

On an ideal night in he can be found guzzling a few lagers, ordering an Indian and watching the football with three to four of his closest mates.

Women on the other hand prefer a more subdued evening with a few glasses of wine or prosecco, a Chinese takeaway, and a good old natter.

But the figures surprisingly show that when it comes to spending a night in with the lads, more than half of men are happy sharing the sofa with the opposite sex.

For women though, the ‘only girls allowed’ rule must be obeyed.

Women are much less open to the idea of sharing their night in with fellas, with eight out of 10, or 78 per cent, believing a girl’s night in is sacred, and shouldn’t be spoiled by lad’s jokes and football talk.

The survey showed that 27 per cent of men choose Indian food over Chinese or pizza, while a quarter of women prefer Chinese to pizza.

Wine and cocktails are the drink of choice for the girls, at 45 per cent and 21 per cent respectively, and lager is a clear favourite with the lads with half of all men polled choosing a cold one over bitter or cider.

It’s said that men don’t listen as well as women, and that might be because 43 per cent of women think having a chat is the key to the perfect girl’s night it, while a third of men pick catching up with their favourite football team as their entertainment of choice.

A spokesman for, which provides sofas to millions of UK homes and who commissioned the research, said: “We carried out this study to identify what our customers are really up to when they are having big nights in on the sofa or around the table with their friends. Of course, football, beer and curries have always been staples of any good lad’s night in but the modern metrosexual man has transformed this old-fashioned stereotype.”

“It’s great that men are open to inviting girls along to their get-togethers, but men who are horrified at the thought don’t need to worry too much – I think we’re a long way from them swapping banter and explanations of the offside rule for manicures and girly gossip.”


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