Festive Tips for the Modern Gentleman

Christmas time is just around the corner and many of us males will be looking ahead with a fair degree of trepidation to the holiday season as this can often provide us with one of our biggest life tests – how to appear the perfect gentleman in front of our relatives.

Whilst acting like a sulking teenager might have been OK for a few years, there comes a time in every male’s life where we have to emerge blinking from the man cave and rejoin civilization as the perfectly-cultivated modern gentleman.

However, for those of us who’ve lost most of the year to the PS4, it can prove a little troubling. So here’s a quite run down of how to fake the part of the dignified young male.


shave for dignitySlouching around in a dirty hoodie with your pants hanging around your knees unfortunately might not be quite the look that your nearest and dearest will want to see this festive season. So why not make an attempt at smart casual with GQ’s style guide that’ll go some way to making you looking human and won’t scare your grandmother either.

Similarly, whilst beards may have been all the rage for the past few years, there’s increasing concern in the world’s style blogs that we may be approaching peak beard. In which case, the clean shaven look is a failsafe option that will not only make you look smarter and younger, but will also stop you getting tangled up with your extra-festive Christmas jumper.


cards and diceWhat’s Christmas without a little fun? Although the Christmases of yesterday may have seen us retreating into a make-believe World of Warcraft, it seems that adulthood means that we may wish to illustrate our dignity by playing some more mature games.

The games of the casino are particularly well-suited to the modern gentleman, and just in case you don’t know your blackjack from your baccarat, the Lucky Nugget Casino blog includes many gambling tips and this online slots review reveals a particularly glamorous side to gaming that should more than appease your inner James Bond.

Food and drink

john sleeman india pale ale

Nothing’s going to make you look more like a little kid than passing out after half a glass of white wine. So be sure to eat well and drink according the tastes of a modern gentlemen.

A dignified glass of Scotch will give you that air of class and will help you relax, whereas if you’re in it for the long haul, then a few bottles of craft-brewed Canadian IPA should prove a failsafe way to socialize with style.