Fear the Walking Dead Receives Mixed Reviews After Slow Start

AMC’s newest show, Fear the Walking Dead, premiered last Sunday and fans had mixed reviews. The new series is considered a prequel to The Walking Dead and many fans have been waiting months to see the new show.

The 90-minute pilot became the number one cable series premiere with over 10.1 million viewers tuning in. Robert Kirkman and the team behind The Walking Dead created the new horror series. It is going to show viewers how the outbreak started and what happens in the beginning days of the epidemic.  The show takes places in Los Angeles and follows a high school teacher and his girlfriend, who is a high school counselor, and their families.


Courtesy of blastr.com

The first episode was pretty good. It was a very slow start, but if you look back at the first episode of The Walking Dead, it was pretty slow too. A lot of viewers said they were disappointed in the premiere of Fear the Walking Dead, but I have also heard people saying they really liked it. I think it is too soon to tell if it is going to be a good show, but I don’t think it is going to be as big as The Walking Dead. That is a pretty hard show to compete with, even if it is the same team behind the show doing this new one.


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The few zombies we saw in the new series were cool and I thought the characters were interesting. I have hears a lot of viewers complain about the characters and how slow the show went. I think the show will pick up and it will turn out to be a decent series. I am looking forward to seeing the second episode on Sunday.

What did you think of Fear the Walking Dead?