Easy Upgrades to Super-Charge Your Home Office


Image: Jeff-Sheldon

The number of people working from home continues to rise including both employees and freelancers. Whether you work from a swanky office in your garden or a cramped kitchen table, a few simple changes to the environment can make for a more efficient and pleasant space to work. In the UK more than 4 million workers are now home-based changing the way we think about the traditional 9 to 5, although more than half of those regularly travel to meet clients.

Working from home has its perks, mostly that your commute takes all of 30 seconds and you can watch E4 at lunchtime, but with the advantages of home working bring new challenges. These tips can help you to avoid distractions and super-charge your productivity by making the most of your home office space.

  • Consider a height adjustable desk. Sitting all day can be incredibly bad for our health, with a sedentary lifestyle blamed in part for cardiovascular disease and diabetics, as well as other chronic illnesses. If you have the option to choose your own desk make a healthy choice by selecting a height adjustable frame, or an attachment that sits on top of your regular desk, allowing you to comfortably stand while you work.
  • Get a coffee machine. There’s no shame in being a coffee fiend, especially as low to moderate caffeine consumption can be good for you. Coffee pod machines are popular for a reason; if you’re a busy and need to get to work, they make a great brew—fast. What’s more, there are some compact, sleek models out there so you don’t have to sacrifice style or counter space. More from Daily Cupo.
  • Sit comfortably. If you are going to sit at a desk make sure your chair is adjusted correctly for ultimate support and productivity. Your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees bent at 90 degrees and your elbows in line with your desk. Bottom and back should be pressed against the back of the chair so you are sitting in an upright position with your back supported.
  • Invest in wall art. Something inspiring like a thoughtful quote or positive word (like this piece) could be just thing to reignite your energy when the washing up starts to look more appealing than spreadsheets.
  • Get a white board. Forget fancy apps, who doesn’t like scribbling on a white board? Use it for lists and brainstorming sessions as a fun and effective tool to help you through your day.

Working from home doesn’t suit everyone but for those disciplined enough to make it work it can make for a great work-life balance. Just remember a lap tray in bed doesn’t quite count as a desk.