Bud Light Releases New NFL Team Specific Cans

The NFL season just kicked off a couple weeks and Bud Light is celebrating a new season with new team specific cans for 28 teams. The beer company worked closely with each NFL team to create the perfect design for the team and their fans.


Courtesy of adweek.com

There are four teams who did not get their own Bud Light can. The Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings missed out on Bud Light’s team cans because they are sponsored by MillerCoors.

Bud Light is the Official Sponsor for the NFL and football themed cans are nothing new for the beer company. But this year’s specific team cans are different. Each can features a customized scroll message that speaks to the team’s fan base. Bud Light says this is their way of engaging more with fans while being partnered with the NFL.

The cans also have a way better design and are completely team-focused, which makes these cans really cool because they really are directed towards die hard fans. For example, the Arizona Cardinals can is complete with the message, “The perfect beer for protecting the next”. Buffalo Bills’ fans can enjoy their beer with the message, “The perfect beer for shoveling your way to the stadium at least once a year”. And of course the message on Oakland Raiders’ cans? “The perfect beer for uniting a nation. Raider Nation.”

Check out Bud Light’s videos they created focusing on each team’s unique message.


The team Bud Light cans are sold at each 28 teams’ stadium and at local stores. For areas that have been left out, there will be a more general NFL-themed can available at the stadiums.



Feature image courtesy of fandbnews.com.