Are the Holidays Stressing You Out? These Tips Will Help

Holiday Stress

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The holiday season is always magical, but it is also always stressful and it seems like each year gets busier. Some businesses see such an increase of activity this time of year they have to hire extra help like Amazon, who hire around 100,000 seasonal employees. But there are some things you can do to handle holiday stress without having to hire people.

First, be like Santa and become a list maker. Santa uses a list every year and you should as well. You can have as many different types of lists as you want, but always make sure to have a gift list and Christmas card list so that you don’t forget anyone important this holiday season. You can also use lists to help keep things organized like what you need for wrapping or for cooking or for decorating. You really can’t go wrong with lists, just make sure to keep up on using them or they won’t be beneficial.

Also, be prepared with your holiday cards. There is no such thing as starting your cards too early because things could come up and then you will wish you had started sooner. You don’t need to send your cards early, just make sure they are prepared early. You always have to have a list of everyone with the right items like cards, decorations, stamps and most importantly, addresses. Plus, you don’t want to rush through the cards so take your time and plan ahead.

It is also helpful to have a special box that is just for all of your gift-wrapping needs. You can keep scissors in there with tape, gift tags, tissue paper and bows. If you have a large enough box, you can store your wrapping paper and gift bags in there too. Just remember to have all of these things together and that way if you have leftovers, they will be easy to find next year. It also makes wrapping presents at once a lot easier.

The best things you can do to get through the holiday season and the stress it brings is to be prepared, organized and never turn into a Scrooge. Keep up that holiday cheer and just remember that this really is the most wonderful time of year.