After Cyber Monday Comes Giving Tuesday – Why Philanthropy is in Fashion

On the 1st December this year, people scrambling to do last minute holiday shopping will be given the chance to consider leaving some time and money to visit and donate to their favourite charities in the spirit of Giving Tuesday, a new holiday that was founded in 2012 by Henry Timms, the executive director of the 92nd Street Y (92Y), a community center in the Upper East Side in partnership with the United Nations Foundation. Timms founded the day as he was inspired by the philanthropic actions and generosity that he observed in the U.S., and wanted to encourage more people to give along with showing them where they could do so.


According to Timms, the day fits in nicely with the two popular shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Money, which it falls on the tails of. He said that the idea of Giving Tuesday is to give back, which is why it was launched after the two days all about getting good deals. Last year, 20,000 organizations in the USA alone participated in Giving Friday, with donations rising by 270% since the holiday was launched, according to a BlackBaud online data study. This year, Giving Tuesday has gone global, making its way to the United Kingdom and other countries across the world.

The Holiday Season

Since the Giving Tuesday holiday falls closely to the Christmas season, charity work often coincides with holiday shopping, with many organizations pledging a percentage of their profits made on the day from holiday shoppers to charity. Last year, organizations also helped charities on a more personal level, with JCPenney allowing children from the Boys and Girls Club of America which helps youths stay off the streets to shop for gifts for their struggling families, with seven different states participating including New York. NYC Dads Group, a community group of over 1,000 fathers, also collaborated with the group Baby Buggy last year to aid families in need by sorting and bundling up clothing to be donated to children and families in poverty over the holiday season.

Big Names

When it comes to big name donors, there are many who are expected to be taking part in this year’s Giving Tuesday. Microsoft founder Bill Gates along with his wife Melinda are prolific philanthropists who have founded both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which helps people in need worldwide, and the Giving Pledge where the world’s richest people pledge to give half of their fortunes to good causes. Along with the Gates’, other well-known philanthropists are expected to take part, including Bob Geldof, Aubrey Chernick, the founder of Candle Corporation, and more.

How will you be giving back to the community and good causes across the globe this Giving Tuesday? Whether you plan to make a simple donation to your favorite cause or want to host a large fundraising event to make as much money as possible for your chosen charity, we’d love to hear from you – leave your response in the comments below.