6 ways to make your home more cozy

Have you just moved into a new place? Or maybe interior flair just isn’t your thing. Even if you’re the type who craves minimalist modern style, everyone wants their home to feel a little cosy and inviting. Follow these tips to be on your way to a more put-together and warm home.

  1. Throws, blankets and cushions

Injecting some comforting textures and rich colours via some throws or big blankets is one of the easiest ways to create some cosiness. Chunky knitted blankets, furry cushions and thick woven throws add visual interest and are practical in creating warmth.

  1. Play with your colours

Nothing says bleak and unlived like a cold, uncoordinated colour palette. Try to keep certain colours running through various items and features around each room and explore a colour scheme that incorporates a distinctively warm tone. Some well thought-out mismatching of patterns and colours can also add some rustic charm and personality.

  1. Have some fun

Some of the most inviting and interesting homes have achieved such success by not taking décor too seriously. Have a sense of humour and playfulness, adding quirky and personal touches whenever and wherever you want – so don’t worry about stepping out of the box or attempting to be super sophisticated at all times.

  1. Add some greenery

An inexpensive trick to insert some life and homeliness into a room is to get yourself a couple of house plants. Many are easy to care for and require very little effort, but even if you feel the occasional watering is too much of a commitment, look into cacti and terrariums instead.

  1. Custom knobs

Make a standard chest of drawers personal and more interesting with some unusual knobs. They’re easy to replace and there’s so many around on the market, from cute ceramic birds to vintage brass styles.

  1. Books

An eclectic selection of books that reflect your interests and tastes are a lovely touch to any room. There’s no real work involved: books are beautifully designed items in their own right, so gathering a few together is all you need to do. A range of contemporary with some well-loved classics makes for some simple décor, scattered around rooms in small piles or organised on a shelf.

  1. Switch to warm lighting

Making the simple switch from cool bulbs to warm bulbs will have an instant impact. You may have walked into a room before and enjoyed its warm glow, without realising where that warmth was coming from – chances are, golden toned light bulbs were playing a part.

  1. Photos

Cosiness can be upped by personal, unique elements, and there’s nothing more personal than photographs. They help create an atmosphere of warmth and invitation. A couple of frames with snapshots of your family, friends or pets is all it takes, and the choice of displays out there is huge.

  1. Fairy lights

Wherever there are fairy lights, there is cosiness. A few strands of teeny LEDs and your room is transformed, draped around a mirror or stylishly squeezed into a glass jar as an alternative lamp.
With the recent stamp duty changes that have taken place in the UK, there’s more reason than ever to look into moving into a brand new home and put these homely tips to the test.