10 Signs You’re Having a Quarterlife Crisis

1. The money tree has run dry. Mom & Dad are no longer offering handouts and you’re officially on your own. Suddenly buying meals two days in a row is a big decision.

2. You have to move back in with your parents and despite probably not having to pay rent, simply being there wears you out.

3. Your Facebook feed depresses you. It seems like everyone is either moving to a new city, getting engaged or having kids. You can’t help but wonder if you’re supposed to be doing the same thing but wouldn’t know where to begin.

4. You had multiple interviews for big jobs yet nothing to show for it. Instead you continue to explore your career at this website.

5. You legitimately worry about being single so long that you’re too old for anyone. You seriously consider the possibility of online dating but part of you finds the concept ridiculous.

6. You never felt so much pressure to actually become successful. The feeling is only further magnified by siblings who seem to be ahead of the curve.

7. You have a new appreciation for your parents that mostly goes undocumented because you mostly treat them as if they’re senile every time you see them.

8. You have convinced yourself your living conditions are only temporary and one day you’ll be drastically better off, despite living paycheck to paycheck.

9. You have animals you can barely afford that serves as one of your main sources of joy.

10. There’s an impulse to pull any college-aged person aside and tell them, “Enjoy it. It’s almost over.”