Win the Lottery (Or, At Least Try)

Lotteries are a form of gambling which have existed for hundreds of years. A basic lottery game will involve a price paid for entry into the lottery by entrants then, usually, the drawing of numbers which will match certain entries. Prizes are then won by entrants with winning tickets.

The first recorded European form of lottery was during the Roman empire, in which dinner parties would often involve a lottery for the guests. Upon their arrival, guests would be given a ticket and were usually guaranteed to win a prize. These types of lotteries were sometimes more of a method of gift-giving rather than luck; however, in ancient civilizations such as China and Rome, state lotteries were sometimes used which were similar to lotteries nowadays, with the profits made by the state used for repair works.

win the lottery

The odds of winning a prize in a lottery can be very different depending on the type of lottery entered. Certain lotteries exist in which entrants are all but guaranteed a prize, whereas some exist in which the odds of winning the prize are astronomical. A popular type of lottery is a numbers system, in which entrants pick or are allocated certain numbers, with numbers then drawn by the lottery organisation. In this type of lottery, the more numbers matched, the higher the prize.

Modern Day

The popularity of lotteries has grown hugely in recent times, with many countries featuring national or state lotteries with gigantic prizes. Typically, tickets are purchased by entrants and the prizes can vary wildly by number of entrants, the occasion, or the length of time since the last jackpot win.

Along with other forms of online gambling, online lotteries are now hugely popular. Not only is it easier to enter a lottery sitting at your own computer, it also can provide more variety of lottery on offer, with a large range of online lotteries now available.

One such lottery that is proving hugely popular is Coral 49s, available at The Coral 49s is drawn two times per day, with huge prize money on offer in each draw. Entrants can bet on up to five numbers from 1-49, and twice daily six balls are drawn, seven days per week. Depending on how many numbers the entrant matches with the numbers drawn, huge amounts of money can be won in every draw. With the chance to win up to £500,000 twice per day, it is no surprise that the Coral 49s lottery is proving so popular.