The Modern Bachelor Party

One of the only downsides to getting married is that you’re no longer able to party to the fullest, not without a really great excuse anyway. Make sure you get it right.

Marriage is a beautiful thing but you ultimately replace those late nights at the bar with, you know, being all responsible. Celebrating that final cross over the threshold is a rite of passage but modern bachelor parties have grown stale in recent years.

Perhaps nothing represents this changing of the guard for the man of honor quite so well as the timeless bachelor party, one last opportunity to do it big with the boys.

If you’re the best man it’s probably up to you to determine the choice of activities for the groom’s big event – you might be finding yourself in a tight spot. Should you visit a strip club? Should you make a reservation at a fancy restaurant for a night of revelry? Where will you end the night with drinks for the perfect night cap? There’s a lot riding on you.

For a little guidance with that, we need look no further to our Aussie friends in the southern hemisphere. One of the most popular outings for Sydney husbands-to-be is the Centrefold bachelor boat party, courtesy of bucks party ideas. This is like the ultimate bachelor party with one special exception – it’s on a boat within Sydney harbour.

This bucks cruise comes with a crazy amount of perks for the bachelor and his loyal mates. The best man will have several options to choose from across a variety of packages, ranging from R-rated to XXX-rated. What happens on the boat stays on the boat, my friends.

Bucks party ideas delivers a private 3-hour tour of the Sydney harbour. Along the way you’ll be catered by sexy women in skimpy lingerie, premium selections of beer and cider, gourmet cuisine and a high quality sound system to bump your favorite tunes. Life doesn’t really get any better than that prior to saying your vows.

Of course, there’s few things better than sailing around the Sydney harbour with your closest friends and a handful of Penthouse Pets – unless you combine an element of gambling. The bucks cruise brings Sin City to Sydney with their Vegas Voyage package, which includes sexy poker dealers. This is your ultimate opportunity to double down on the bachelor party.

If you really want to do it big, bring the party down to Sydney.