The Best Speech Jammer Videos

Speech Jammer

A coworker of mine recently turned me on to the Speech Jammer application and I immediately had to look up every video of people using it. In case you don’t know about the app, it basically puts a delay on your voice so while you talk, your brain is hearing a copy of what you’ve already said. Joe Penna explains,

What happens is, your brain is used to the feedback in your ear, so if you have it [the speech jammer] loud enough you basically are drowning out the sounds your mouth is making to your ear, so your brain is confused about which syllable it’s on.

Anyway, the app in itself is pretty okay (I didn’t seem to have a problem at all), but the videos people have made while using it are hilarious. Take a look at some of the best speech jammer videos on the interwebs:

Speech Jammer

Speech Jammer Pickup

Speech Jammer Christmas Moments

Speech Jammer Prank Call / Ordering Pizza

Speech Jammer Moments

Speech Jammer Gun Review

Have a favorite speech jammer video? Have a video of yourself using the speech jammer app? Send them our way! We want to laugh at you.