The Best Music Apps for the iPhone

The Best Music Apps for the iPhone

Do you love creating music? Now you can do it from anywhere thanks to these awesome music apps for your iPhone. Whether you’re an aspiring DJ or learning a new instrument, there’s something for everybody.

Songbird Ocarina

Songbird Ocarina for the iPhone puts real instrument sound right in your back pocket. Songbird Ocarina proves there is power in simplicity. Powered by your own breath, four finger placements allow you to create music in any key – even with music streaming from your phone in the background.

The possibilities are endless. Songbird Ocarina allows you to create music with your whole body, whether you tap, slide, shake, tilt or blow to control the app. The app automatically filters out noise from your surrounding environment.

You’ll learn your favorite songs the more you play with additional features like tab scrolling, allowing you to easily navigate through each track with speed control. Extra instruments from all over the world are available for additional purchase.

Traktor DJ

Everyone’s a DJ. Now you can experience creating a live mix with the help of Traktor DJ, one of the most popular and dynamic mixing programs available through the App Store. Whether you want to dissect your favorite Daft Punk track or splice old school R&B with your favorite new school hip hop, Traktor DJ does it all.

DJ applications can be a little intimidating but the folks behind this app went great lengths to provide users with an abbreviated learning curve. The helpful tutorials for first time users allow you to learn all the features from a track of your choosing. Later on you can record your own mix and impress your friends.


SoundHound is one of the earlier creative music apps available through the App Store. With SoundHound, users can finally identify that tip of the tongue track playing in the car. The app records a segment of the live sound and runs it through an immense database to relay all the information you need to name that tune.

One of my favorite features of SoundHound is its ability to supply far more than song title and album – when you use SoundHound it supplies live lyrics on the fly. The filter also works great, allowing you to identify tracks in a busy bar or faint speakers.

Tap into the music potential of your iPhone with these awesome applications and start creating!