Star Wars Movie Timeline Leaked?

With one black and white photo the world learned that the continuation of the Star Wars saga was imminent. A cast anchored by legends including Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher sat around talented director JJ Abrams, scripts in hand. We’re now twitching in anticipation for a return to form for the classic series – an act of redemption for three mostly-terrible-kind-of-okay prequels. Help us, JJ Abrams – you’re our only hope.

Somewhat worrisome are the long term plans for revisiting the Star Wars universe. In true Disney fashion, a stream of potential new television series and standalone films have been planned. In mildly interesting news, it appears the timeline of events might have been leaked during an event held by Hasbro. I’ve got a bad feeling about this …

This is the reported timeline of Star Wars events, coming to a galaxy near you,

2014: Rebels

2015: Star Wars Episode VII

2016: Boba Fett

2017: Star Wars Episode VIII

2018: Solo

2019: Star Wars Episode IX

2020: Red Five

Perhaps the Disney suits have never heard of quality over quantity – perhaps quantity isn’t an issue when you have enough money to purchase the Star Wars brand. The world will watch and wait in wonder.