Some of Your Favorite Records Were Recorded in a Bedroom

Some musicians create albums with producers, back-up singers, and sound engineers in a large lavish studio. On the other hand, there are plenty of musicians that recorded in the bathtub of their own home, at a creepy house, or in the same room they grew up in. Acts like Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones and Bruce Springsteen all put in their dues by practicing and recording in any space they could find without the police getting called.

Some interesting tidbits about famous albums recorded at home:

  • Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral was recorded in the house that Sharon Tate was murdered at by the Manson family. Trent Reznor also watched Taxi Driver over and over again, so you could say…Downward Spiral was a fitting name for that particular album.
  • ¬†There’s not a lot of people that don’t like Bon Iver, he’s a pretty universally liked folk singer, even if people don’t admit it. The album “For Emma, Forever Ago” was recorded deep in the forest of Wisconsin, completely isolated in a cabin. Heartbreak is the worst.
  • Incorporating a wide range of styles, the sisters of Cocorosie recorded their debut album in a Paris bathroom. Albeit it was in Sierra’s apartment, it was acoustic enough to create a decent lo-fi recording which got picked up by touch-and-go records.

Pod-Space created this  infographic which really nails the spirit of devoted musicians, patience, and the creative workspace

recording at home