Planning a Bachelor Party Made Easy

So you’ve been selected as the best man for your mate’s wedding – congratulations are in order. Take heart, not everyone is bound by the sacred duty of ushering another man into married life with a bang. The fact that you were selected certainly says a lot about your character, eh? We consulted the crew at Covergirl Strippers when piecing this article together.

Now, if you’re done congratulating yourself – jolly good. You’ve got plenty of work to do, mate.

Planning a bachelor party for the ages requires a lot of heavy lifting and much more logistical planning. How you choose to honor your close friend’s last breath as a free man can quickly prove overwhelming – should you rent those jet skis and caravan over to the lake? Should you spice up cocktail hour with topless barmaids? Should you splurge on those last minute cigars?

Take a deep breath, we can help! Follow these timeless tips and you’ll remove most of guesswork.

Plan the Festivities

You know why you were selected as the best man? The answer is simply because the groom-to-be determined out of everyone he knows, you know him best. Sure, it’s a lot of pressure to live up to but you got this thing in the bag.

Think about the groom’s personality. What activities does he love? Is he more interested in some grand affair or keeping things confined to a few hotel rooms? Is he willing to travel? Narrow your list down to a few things you can safely bet on. Remember: this isn’t about what activities you love.

Consult the Groom

Not sure how the groom might feel about your bachelor party plans? It’s time for a little consultation. Forget about the element of surprise here – as the old adage goes, better safe than sorry.

Use these mini consultations as an opportunity to refine your scheduled events. The groom doesn’t need to explicitly spell it out for you but should be willing to drop enough information to keep you on the right path. If your mate is determined to keep everything a surprise, you essentially have a free pass to do anything – within reason.

Damage Control Duties

You are the captain of this esteemed bachelor party vessel – thus you go down with the ship. You’re solely responsible for keeping the event on track and handling any sort of damage control. Be vigilant should any unfortunate cards be dealt over the course of the evening – the club is full to capacity, your buddy gets too drunk to function, whatever – this is your show.