Natural vs Augmented Breasts

Ah, that age old debate: do men prefer natural or enhanced breasts? While it’s hard to argue against a woman’s God given assets, it is entirely common to see men ogle women with augmented breasts in public.

There is perhaps little denying that cosmetically enhanced breasts seem to appeal to a man’s better instincts. Speaking of controversy, what’s all the fuss about breast enhancements?

Every intuitive woman knows not all chests are built the same – the best breast enhancements build upon the natural appearance, never compromising things. Women are more and more discovering which breast clinic best compliments their figure before making such a radical change.

Here are the qualities pertaining to augmented breasts that can easily give the secret away …

Unusual Shape

While a terrific pair of natural breasts are truly something to behold, the vast majority of breasts are not picture perfect. Many women have breasts that differ in size and shape. Natural breasts also have a tendency to flatten out or sink in when a woman stretches or reaches up, a big difference from natural breasts that retain their shape.

Body Type

The rule of thumb generally states that larger women have larger breasts, smaller women have smaller breasts. While there certainly are exceptions here, as the old adage goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

The Jiggle Quality

Natural breasts are mostly composed of fat which gives them that distinctly charming jiggle quality. If the breasts in question seem to take on a more ‘muscly’ appearance, chances are likely that they could be artificial. According to this Perth surgeon, a well planned out breast enhancement need not sacrifice feel, and patients can expect to have that nice jiggly bounce to their breasts if they put in the time to plan and consult with their breast surgeon.


Breasts are typically around armpit height. A bad breast augmentation will place the breasts much higher than this on average, giving the appearance of flotation devices just below the chin.

You’ll also want to watch for breasts that seem too far apart – this is typically a telltale sign that they aren’t natural.

Natural vs Enhanced Overview

It’s important to note that skilled breast surgeons are well aware of these factors that make augmented breasts easy to identify. Find the right surgeon and there is very little risk that you’ll end up with a botched breast job.

Augmented breasts have helped millions of women discover greater confidence in their everyday life. For women who are unhappy with their natural shape or lift, a ‘boob job’ will almost certainly correct any self-confidence issues relating to their chest.