Must Have Road Trip Inventory

Summer is the perfect time to schedule a road trip. Warmer weather is the perfect excuse to leave your responsibilities behind and unwind. It really gets no better than hitting the open road with a few of your closest mates – so long as you’re prepared for the unexpected.

Before you set foot to the gas pedal, make sure you’re equipped for what comes next. Here’s our list of essential road trip items guaranteed to keep you in the action.

Breakdown Cover

There you are, cruising along when things suddenly start going south. The car rumbles to a violent stall and you’re stranded on the side of the road. Sounds like a nightmare? It happens to thousands of drivers each year.

Nothing puts a damper on your road trip quite like an unexpected detour. Don’t stop moving this summer – keep your wheels protected with AA breakdown cover. Their reliable app makes calling for roadside assistance simpler than ever before.

Plenty of Water

Water is the secret ingredient to any road trip covering great distances. Not only will staying hydrated give drivers more energy, it’s essential for car sickness and overheating engines. Often overlooked until it’s needed, make sure you pack along plenty of water before setting out for the open road.

Reliable Navigation

The new normal for road trip navigation is smartphone apps and GPS – this is all fine and good until your battery dies. If you don’t have your ability to stay charged during the drive, your navigation can peter out in a matter of hours.

It pays to be old fashioned. Bring along a physical map of the area if you’re traveling somewhere new, and instruct a passenger to stay up on directions to avoid any distracted driving.

A Great Playlist

A brilliant playlist is essential for any road trip – never leave home without it!