The Future is Now: An Intellicig Review

I started smoking cigarettes when I was just 16 years old. Bad habits like this usually start at a young age and are particularly tough to break. I have tried to quit this nasty habit multiple times in the past. I have tried to stop smoking “cold turkey”, chewing nicotine gum, and the patch.intellicig review

Using the patch, I had actually quit for about 6 months before taking a drag from a friend’s cigarette and boom, I was hooked again.

Many of my friends have used an electronic cigarette to give them the relief of a cigarette but without all of the tar caused by the combustion reaction when burning tobacco. I decided  that it was time to try this new invention and see if it’s a viable was to break my addiction.

I picked up the Intellicig Ecigarette, which is supposedly equivalent to 35 cigarettes.  I purchased a disposable e-cig as opposed to the starter kit which has disposable cartridges that can be changed once your cigarette stops “dragging”.

The plus sides to the Intellicig include the fact that you will not reek of smoke after you relax with a few puffs. Additionally, I am able to enjoy the Intellicig from the comfort of my office or home without having to step outside in the cold weather.

While I still purchase regular tobacco cigarettes I can definitely see myself weaning myself off the $7 pack-a-day and simply purchasing e-cigarettes.

My only qualm about the ecigarette is that it took some time for my throat to become acclimated to the nicotine vapor. After a night of exclusively using the ecig I woke the next morning with a bit of a sore throat.  But as a good friend pointed out, my throat usually hurts from smoking regular cigarettes.

For my money, the intellicig is a great way to try and break your smoking habit. I will definitely be purchasing more of these.  I was even able to enjoy indulging in the ecig at one of my favorite local bars, something that you can’t do with regular cigarettes.