Holiday with Celebrities in St. Bart’s

Just because a group of people don’t follow you around with cameras doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the good life. Taking a vacation to the celebrity-soaked island of St. Barts is one of the ways you can feel movie star glamorous, while getting your relaxation on.

spend your holiday in st. barts

Why not spend your holiday in one of the pimped out St. Barts holiday villa rentals you can find? Soak in a pool overlooking the clear ocean or rub elbows with some actors in your private villa neighbors. Splitting a villa with a few friends can be a great way to get next to those pretty looking action stars without going to great lengths.

What can you do on a holiday in St. Barts?

Golf. It’s no secret that St. Barts is a retreat for PGA amasters like Jim Furyk, who enjoys the serene courses and lush surroundings that the island provides.

Eat.  From wood-fired pizzas to tropical delights, some of the best chefs in the Caribbean are located on this island, should you be in the mood to dine underneath the stars or grab a drink in a posh lounge, you can get your grub on here.

Shop. Who would have thought you could find Hermes in St. Barts? The capital of Gustavia is glittering with high-end boutiques, chic galleries, cozy cafes and more. Take a vespa around town, and admire all the sights and sounds of bikini babes and locals soaking in the sun.

Party. Whether you’re laid back or still recovering from last night, many great events happen on the island, from pool parties with celebrities to a private cocktail hour at Villa Chambord.

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