Giddy-Up: A Review of TravelPony, an Alternative to Orbitz, Travelocity

I have this irrational fear, that after every decision I make, someone will tell me I could have done it a better, easier way. Is that kind like FOMO? Or, Fear of missing out on something that could  have saved my sanity, perhaps? I was pretty upset when I made reservations at a hotel after not finding anything on Air BnB, so I had to settle with Orbitz. Of course, after my stay and after I saw the large sum of money appear on my statement, I got wind of Review

Did I just mention, that I hate Orbitz? Well, I hate Orbitz, after numerous problems with them in the past, and their money saving “deals” which aren’t really so much of a deal, I think I have moved on. What I really like about TravelPony, is although they don’t do airline tickets the prices for hotels are SMOKIN’.

Here’s what I got for searching Chicago, and filtering it for upscale (I want to be fancy sometimes):

TravelPony Review

DO YOU SEE THIS?? $97 a room  (+ tax) vs. $179 a room on Where were you when I needed you…

Again, I WISH they sold deals for flights too, I’m definitely one of those people who always gets KILLED by the cost to fly. Speaking of which–if anyone is involved with that travel hacking cartel, give me the details on that. Is it worth it?

Anyway,  booking with TravelPony is super easy, and works just like any other discount hotel site. What makes this it different is the social aspect. See, if you share on your Facebook wall after you sign up, and your friends create an account, they get $35! Once THEY stay in their hotel YOU get $25. BAM.

If you wanted to know how my hotel stay went last month, let me tell you the Clarendon Hotel in Phoenix is fabulous and I recommend it to anyone who likes mid-century modern furniture and impeccable guacamole.