Best Destinations for Rugby, the Gentleman’s Sport

American audiences probably aren’t too familiar with the timeless sport of rugby. Most of us wouldn’t have a clue that the sport itself originated from the Rugby School in 1823, or that the ball is oval in shape because original versions were made from pig bladders. Does that last bit grab your attention?

If you’re looking for a sports tour of the world, no game will take you more places than the timeless game of rugby. Described as a beastly game played by gentlemen, if you truly want to witness the essence of the sport firsthand – where rugby outranks American football in sheer shock and awe – it’s advisable you tailor yourself the appropriate travel itinerary. Here’s where to begin, with our comprehensive list of the best rugby destinations in the world.

New Zealand

Home to the mightiest rugby team in the world, The All Blacks, New Zealand is perhaps the most popular destination for this incredible sport. Of course, there’s far more to do in New Zealand than take in some world class rugby – the landscape is unlike anywhere you’ve likely experienced. From sprawling hills, luscious vegetation and picturesque snowcapped mountains, this country is a beautiful spot for the gentleman’s game.

The All Blacks are widely considered the most talented rugby team in the world. The team performs what’s called a Haka before every match – a traditional war dance similarly performed by native tribes and other cultural groups within the region.

South Africa

South Africa has ranked as a leader of rugby for many consecutive years, making it the ideal location to witness the best of the best. The sport was actually imported by British Troops who happened to be stationed in Cape Town – since those early days, rugby has exploded in popularity throughout the region. South Africa is responsible for producing some of the best athletes in the world thanks to sports like rugby.

Tourism is exceptional here too. Visitors will want to spend time in the area’s first hub for rugby – Cape Town, the second-most populous city in South Africa. Just behind Johannesburg, this area can’t be beat for amazing sporting events and nightlife. Of course, much of what makes Africa special to the world is its diverse range of animal life – the Kruger National Park allows tourists to become truly immersed in safari.


Believe it or not, the seemingly mild-mannered people of India are crazy about the sport of rugby. Although the sport’s following pales in comparison to epicenters like New Zealand, the area still ranks very high as a destination for incredible tourist attractions.

After the rugby match is said and done, tourists will want to visit New Delhi, India’s capital – the architecture is outstanding. Needless to say, the cuisine in this area of the world is truly something unforgettable.

With so much to see, it’s really no coincidence that rugby fans are also huge fans of travel.