6 Pieces Of Pro Gaming Hardware Making Headlines

If you consider yourself a real gamer, it only makes sense that you have the best gaming equipment available. The industry has changed drastically over the last decade, with more options available for players to better enjoy the games they are playing. But among all the options, there are certainly some that stick out more than others. Here are six pieces of pro gaming hardware that are making headlines and that you should have for your system. Pro Gaming Hardware Making Headlines

Astro A50 Headphones
You haven’t played video games, until you’ve played them with seriously powerful gaming headphones. With the Astro A50 set, you’ll hear every single footstep creeping up behind you, every explosion that takes place, every fan that is sitting in the stadium and so much more. And when you are playing with friends, you can also do so with the built in microphone.

Logitech Flight System
For the simulation flyers out there, you haven’t tried played a game, until you’ve played a game with the Logitech Flight System. This is about as real as it gets in terms of controls available and the realness that you can compare with being in a cockpit. The system comes with two pedals, as well as a joystick and a throttle. The best part, when you really get going, you can feel the turbulence and g-forces in the throttle as force builds up. This is truly a great one for those who love flying games.

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel
If you prefer to keep your games on the ground and using four wheels, Logitech makes another great accessory with the G27 Racing Wheel. Not only is this system beautiful designed, but also it’s extremely realistic. On the base of the system are three pedals for acceleration, clutch and break, and your steering wheel comes with shifters and a stick shift. Logitech certainly knows what they are doing with the simulation games and the hardware that’s meant to be used with them.

Mad Catz M.O.J.O.
Those that prefer the feel of a console video game control, the Mad Catz M.O.J.O. is the way to go. This controller fits in your hands like a typical controller and has two-joysticks, a d-pad, and multiple trigger and face buttons. If you aren’t so good with a keyboard and mouse, the M.O.J.O is the best way to go.

Razer Black Widow Ultimate
However, if you do like keyboards, the Razer Black Widow Ultimate is a great option to go. The keys offer you some of the speediest response times available. You can also setup your quick keys for added convenience when navigating through games or surfing the web.

RatPadz XT
Gaming pads have gotten popular over the last few years, mainly because of the functionality they provide and ease of use with your finger gestures. The RatPadz XT is a great design and it offers a unique feel on the pad itself. It’s not flat like other options, but instead has a textured matte option that makes it a bit easier to control. If a traditional mouse isn’t for you, the RatPadz XT is a perfect alternative.

Your gaming experience will never be the same when you start using more updated equipment. And with so much to choose from, the six listed here are the best to choose for your needs.