5 Really Awesome Things to Do in the UK

Our Guide of 5 Really Awesome Things to Do in the UK

1. Get Lost in the UK

london Looking for the quintessential UK experience? Throw away the travel itinerary and allow your feet to wander. Travel experts commonly believe the only way to fully experience a new culture or region is by foregoing the frivolities that come with being a tourist. It’s safe to assume you won’t learn much about life in the UK if you follow a system of buoys leading you from one tourist trap to another. Don’t get us wrong — you should see the Big Ben but you should also see life as it happens. One of the best and most affordable ways to achieve this is by opting for an indirect flights, commonly referred to as ‘Red Eye’ flights. Of course, you’ll need to do a fair amount of research before diving in head first. To compare different flight options we’ve used Skyscanner. It’s also worth mentioning that this travel option can turn problematic unless you purchase flight insurance — sometimes there’s simply no accounting for delays. Couple indirect flight options with a great deal on airport parking and the savings can be outstanding. For example, one of our staff writers recently saved hundreds from booking London Heathrow Parking with parking specialists ParkBCP.

2. Visit the Abbey

westminster abbey What trip to the UK would be complete without a visit to Westminster Abbey? A large church with Gothic styling, the architecture is simply unlike anything you’re likely to find back in the States. Host to 16 royal weddings and counting, the abbey has been the venue of choice for the crown since nearly 1066. Whether you’re a history buff or just a huge sucker for potential Kate Middleton sighting, Westminster Abbey is an awesome spot for first time tourists of the UK.

3. Check out Stonehenge

stonehenge Yet another instant case of culture shock comes from witnessing Stonehenge firsthand, a prehistoric monument shrouded in inexplicable mystery. Considered one of the most famous sites on the globe, this unique area is believed to have been originally constructed around 3000 or 2000 BC. Aspiring archaeologists and history buffs alike will not want to miss out here. We hear visiting the site at dawn makes for the experience of a lifetime.

4. Eat Authentic Fish & Chips

fish and chips If you’re a serious foodie you’d be downright crazy to miss out on the most authentic fish & chips meals of your life. UK gave birth to this hugely popular combination, making this the epicenter for the global phenomenon. Looking for the best of the best? We suggest Henley’s Fish and Chips, located only a short trip from the airport. Need to catch a bite before catching a flight? Drive into Henley’s and take advantage of the convenient Gatwick Airport Parking before your flight out.

5. Travel to Kernel Brewery

kernel brewery Considered the finest UK brewery and one of our personal favorites from across the pond, Kernel understands what goes into making a good beer. Described as beer that ‘forces you to confront and consider what you are drinking’, the team here has a penchant for craft. Open every Saturday through 9am – 3pm, you can purchase any of their delicious varieties directly from the source. Our personal favorite includes the Imperial Brown Stout, weighing in at 9.9% ABV — obviously not for the faint of heart.