5 Gadgets To Help You Get In Shape For The Ladies!

Everyone probably needs to get in shape and stay in shape. Nearly everyone probably made a resolution to get fit for 2014. There are numerous gadgets to help with this endeavor. Here are five of our most recommended gadgets.
5 Gadgets To Help You Get In Shape For The Ladies!

  1. Muscle Stimulators

    If you have a muscle injury, you should consider braces or a muscle stimulator to help you recover. Check out BetterBraces.com, they’re a great source of gadgets that will help to rebuild atrophied muscles without placing significant strain on joints during the recovery phase. Some have multiple programs and levels of progression to help you stay on track. If you’re injured, you simply don’t want to be without one of these.
  2. Basis Health TrackerThis health tracker uses an accelerometer to track your steps. The galvanic skin sensor will detect sweat, and the optical blood-flow sensor will track your heartbeat. Skin temperature and room temperature can also be measured via sensor. This device will monitor your sleep patterns and determine when is the best time to wake you up to prevent you from being tired all day. It can be purchased for $199 and is one of the most comprehensive devices on the market.
  3. Striiv Smart Pedometer

    Striiv clips onto your clothing and displays how many steps that you’ve taken. It will communicate with your iPhone via Bluetooth and study your habits. It can also track how many stairs in a day and how many calories that you’ve burned. The Striiv is a nifty pedometer that all people will love. Buy it for yourself or for a friend. It’s a good investment.
  4. Fitbit OneFitbit One is sold for $99 and can track your steps and the distance traveled. It can also track the number of calories burned, and the stairs climbed. The device will sync wirelessly with a smartphone via Bluetooth. It teaches you to sleep better and can serve as an alarm clock in the morning. Set goals and challenges with Fitbit One and meet your fitness goals without significant effort or stress.
  5. Nike+ Fuel BandThe new Nike+ Fuel Band gadget will allow you to capture data while playing a variety of activities. You can toss a Frisbee or throw a football and collect data on calories burned, steps taken, and exercise time. You can wear it all day, and then, use a USB port to analyze the data on the Nike+ website or the iPhone.You can even use it to set a Nike-Fuel goal and use the app to track your progress. It can tell you the time, the number of steps walked, and any other information that you may want to gather. It costs $150, and you can share your progress through Twitter, Facebook, or other social media applications.

If you’re ready to get in shape for 2014, consider these gadgets to help monitor your progress. You can do everything from tracking the number of steps you take to monitoring your respiratory rates. If you really want to get fancy, you may want to try some of the wearable clothing that will also monitor some of the respiratory and cardiovascular rates during exercise. There is no excuse not to be fit with all the new technology. Just invest in a device and be on your way to a fit and new you!