Well I Think Bioshock Infinite is Actually Pretty Great

I understand most of the internet is too caught up in hearing itself make witty put-downs and scoring “likes” in the comments section to listen to a voice that doesn’t match their sardonic spite. But popular opinion will not keep me from saying what I truly believe. I will stand against the horde, alone.

I enjoy Bioshock Infinite.

Before you all start spamming me I know you don’t think you have time to appreciate a frenetic, visceral action game which puts a wealth of high caliber weaponry and wish-fulfilling magic at your disposal, but I think if you would just take a moment out of your life to sit down, take a breath, and blast seven adversaries into the sky at once with a levitation spell and a shotgun, maybe you would be willing to accept something that, at least on the surface, doesn’t sound fucking incredible.

bioshock infinite 2

And when will people start appreciating attractive women? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone say, “Oh, Elizabeth’s honest and realistic personality grows seamlessly with the story around her!” Frankly it’s time we stop beating the dead horse of elegant character development and start liking girls that look nice, no matter how believable their motivation or actions.

Speaking of beauty, fine. People don’t like objectively gorgeous worlds that push the limits of what we thought possible with modern technology. I get it. But if you have the capacity and the desire to look past the hyper-detailed floating city (every inch painstakingly crafted to immerse the player in a massive world of terrifying order and enchanting chaos) you can really start to find some playable game in there.

I’m sorry to soapbox, but will no one speak out for the merits of this critically-acclaimed  multi-million dollar success story? Some day, when science fiction and dark fantasy are considered “cool” with geeks and gamers, perhaps similar stories will begin to take root in some distant corner of Comicon or E3.

Until then it will be my burden to stand up for cult classics like Bioshock Infinite, a title most video game historians will forget, and I will continue to treasure.

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