Top 5 Worldwide Nightclubs

Seen enough of your family the past month or two? Ready to take a holiday vacation that will really rock your world? Here are our top 5 worldwide nightclubs of 2013:

Fabric – London, UK

fabric best nightclub

Forget that this place was every a meat storage warehouse when you pour out 20 quid to the doorman. Fabric makes up for its outrageous prices by providing a spooky/oh-so-European flavor to its nightclub. If you’re a fan of EBM, drum and bass, dubstep, and other things that make your butt shake, this is the place for you. Fabric is made up of a series of tunnels, which are super dark and make you feel like you’re in some hallucinatory 90s movie–it’s pretty great and reminiscent of Edinburgh’s dance landmark: the Hive. You’ll be sure to bump into locals as well as foreigners in the mix of people all about having fun.

You’ve probably heard a mix from this place on the internet or through a podcast: come see for yourself, the sound is great, and Fabric remains at the pinnacle of London and even the world’s DJ scene. Just be sure to check your bags, and make sure your jewelry stays on, as there are notorious thieves at these places who are incredible slick at what they do.

Green Valley – Brazil


One of the biggest up and comers in the club scene, Brazil’s Green Valley has been climbing the ranks over the last few years on many other top lists. Apparently they have nixed their pyrotechnics due to health and safety hazards (the club right next to theirs burnt to a crisp, killing 235 people) but there’s nothing quite like dancing right smack in the middle of a rainforsty area, with lakes, and plantations. Beautiful. Green Valley has been cited as one of the biggest spectacles due to the crowd participation, glowing lights, and other famous events (like a glow stick mosh pit).

Light – Las Vegas, NV, US

Light | Las Vegas | EDM

When you go to Vegas, you should know by now that things are larger than life. Light is no exception, the club is partnered with Cirque Du Soleil  to provide not only some of the best star-studded DJs but also aerial and other awesome performances from the performers. There is no real dress code enforced either, so you can wear your sneakers without getting chastised by security–you’ll probably need comfy shoes while standing in the long line! This is THE place to go in Vegas for good EDM, because that’s primarily what they play here, if you’re looking for a more hip-hop oriented place, you might want to skip this one.

Ministry of Sound – London, UK

Ministry of Sound 2013

When I think back to club names I’ve heard for years and years, Ministry of Sound is one of them. This year, there was a scare that the doors to this London dance staple were going to close, sparking a new wave of interest about this 22-year-old hot spot. With twelve devilishly loud and bone rattling sub-woofers, and a newly restored sound system this MoS brings some of the world’s top DJs from all sorts of genres and style from Hip-Hop to Pop to Drum and Bass.

Space Ibiza – Ibizia, Spain


There’s no way we couldn’t mention at least ONE Ibiza club; Space is definitely the place if you’re in the neighborhood. Since 1989, ravers from afar have been seeking this grandiose club out for circus performers, ice cannons, acid imagery, and other theatrics. If you are  planing to travel to Spain within the next year, make sure to check out this multi-award winning super club.