The Character Most Likely to Die in the Breaking Bad Finale

The Most Likely to Die

Walter White



Let’s start with the obvious. Breaking Bad is primarily a show about one man’s descent into hell. How could it not all end in flames for Walter White?

There’s perhaps no better character marked for death than Heisenberg himself. His dark descent left viewers almost entirely void of empathy for the once mild mannered chemistry teacher who received a series of unlucky hands in life, including Stage III lung cancer. This shift is not coincidence either – Walt simply isn’t Walt anymore.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Walt transition from a man who’d stop at nothing for the love of his family to a narcissist consumed by morbid fascination for cultivating his own empire. Nobody has burned more bridges than Walter White to gain what he’s achieved. It’s not a question of if Walt will pay as much as how much it will cost him.

Why it may not happen

Would series creator Vince Gilligan really opt for the obvious route? Walt being a clear choice to be killed off in the remaining episodes almost guarantees his safety. Breaking Bad is too good a series to deliver only foregone conclusions in a dramatic finale.

Skyler White



Hating on Skyler has become the popular choice of many Breaking Bad fans, but is it really deserved? Her decline can dramatically be attributed to often forced interaction with her estranged husband. Just about everything unsavory Skyler has done up till this point – her affair with Ted included – is reactionary response.

But you’re still accountable in the world of Breaking Bad. Skyler started with an unwillingness to fix the books for Ted despite a budding romantic connotation. Eventually enough walls broke down for her to openly launder droves of drug money for Walt. One can comfortably assume her character will be lumped into whatever fate Walt has earned himself.

Why it may not happen

There could be enough circumstances in play to keep Skyler exempt from the worst potential consequences. Furthermore, she’s smart – it wouldn’t be unbelievable to see her traipse around the legal mess she’s now squarely in the middle of. Despite a completely deteriorated marriage, it’s hard to imagine Walt implicating Skyler . Her death would likely only occur if the finale takes on Apocalyptic proportions.

Hank Schrader



We’ve waited since season 1 for this moment. Hank’s character finally turned the corner in the mid-season finale. A rather serendipitous trip to the bathroom coupled with an innate desire for some kind of reading material finally resolved the conundrum that has so plagued one of the DEA’s best: W.W. is Hank’s brother-in-law. But just how dangerous will this information prove for Hank?

There’s honestly no telling just what Hank will do with this information. On one hand, Hank finally holds the key to resolving potentially the biggest drug conspiracy of his generation – something that nearly costs him his life in the process. On the other hand, bringing down Walt potentially means destroying his entire family. At that point Hank’s life is just collateral.

Why it may not happen

There’s little denying the death of Hank is a popular choice for Breaking Bad conspiracy theorists. But what if Hank doesn’t come forward with his perverse discovery? It’s a move that goes against his very nature but potentially keeps his life intact. Sift through the doom and gloom of Breaking Bad and it’s easy to remember one major theme is the love of family above all else

Hank will likely be the first shoe to drop in our looming conclusion. Whether he lives or dies will undoubtedly depend upon his own course of action. Hank’s destiny is entirely his own. How many other characters in the Breaking Bad universe can say that?

The Toss Up

Jesse Pinkman



It’s hard to believe the character of Jesse was originally slated to be killed off early in the first season. Jesse, in all sense considered to be the foil to Walt, has since played a significant role in the story. He’s now the human element to Breaking Bad, a true source of empathy since the moment Jane died.

Whereas Walt has gradually been desensitized and abandoned his conscience, Jesse has gone the complete opposite direction. A series of horrific events including witnessing the death of a child transformed Jesse’s entire outlook. The death of Jesse would be a serious blow to viewers but would arguably resonate the loudest.

Why it may not happen

It seems Jesse’s character is more likely headed for redemption, being absolved of his former sin in lieu of other subtle religious parallels found throughout Breaking Bad. Although the death of Jesse Pinkman would make for a powerful finale, there’s not much evidence to suggest it’s very likely.

The Not Very Likely

Marie Schrader



As Skyler is to Walt, Marie is to Hank. Nobody is closer to Hank than Marie, she may be subject to the same grizzly end. It’s plausible Marie is killed off given the right chain of events occurring, stemming from whatever course of action Hank takes during the premiere.

Why it may not happen

We’re basically splitting hairs at this point. There’s virtually no indication that Marie will die beyond the paranoid conjecture. It’s admittedly far-fetched and indicative of some sensationalism not typically associated Breaking Bad.

Walter White Jr.



Is there anyone more important to Walt outside his infant daughter than Walt Jr.? Although it lends into a certain level of gratuity, it would nonetheless be compelling and totally unexpected. What could bring Walt Sr. back to sobering reality more than the loss of his son?

Why it may not happen

We can’t imagine any scenario existing where Walt Jr., mostly serving as a background character, would be killed off. Something this drastic would seriously hijack the momentum season 5 has worked meticulously to build. While we’re confident the writing team of Breaking Bad could do the death of Walt Jr. justice, we also believe they’re too skilled to incorporate this somber note for cheap dramatic flair.

The No Chance in Hell

Saul Goodman


We won’t even bother exploring this as a realistic possibility. Saul Goodman is essentially the surviving cockroach following a nuclear holocaust. This character could smarm his way out of anything, as evident from his near brush with death in the desert.

Vince Gilligan has gone on record stating a Saul Goodman spinoff is entirely possible. If that’s the case, there’s no possibility the character of Saul Goodman is counted casualty.