Top 3 Funny Videos of the Day – 11.21.13 – Featuring Harrison Ford

Our latest funny videos roundup, week of November 18th including Harrison Ford, some balls and Rob Ford

David Blaine freaks out Harrison Ford

David Blaine’s new show on ABC finds delight in freaking out A-list celebrities by inviting the monotone magician into their homes to perform. One of our favorite clips that has blown up the internet as late features none other than Han Solo himself. And magic tricks aside, there’s really nothing more impressive than getting Harrison Ford to crack a smile in his old age. Harrison’s response to this altered reality? “Get the fuck out of my house.” Classic Ford.

Kmart Jingleballs Commercial

Last year Kmart released a controversial commercial about ‘shipping your pants’ that ultimately became a viral sensation. Now the company looks to push the envelope again this holiday season with their ‘Jingleballs’ commercial, featuring a chorus of scantily clad men playing the classic tune with their … uhh, balls. Say what you will about the Kmart brand, but you certainly can’t accuse them of being sexist.

Rob Ford being himself

Rob Ford seems to be relishing the spotlight as his train continues to derail. In one of the more hilarious instances of his public meltdown, Rob Ford responded to sexual harassment allegations by assuring the press he had ‘enough to eat at home’. His wife must be beaming with pride.