7th Heaven Drinking Game

When I was younger I wasn’t allowed to watch MTV or VH1, no matter how much I begged to watch see Frankie on the Real World: San Diego I was relegated to watching ABC Family. This meant my mornings and afternoons were filled with episodes of the Gilmore Girls and 7th Heaven.

When I turned 13 and my parents let me watch MTV I basked in the glory of Date My Mom and and Yo Mamma. Now that I am older and more learned I can appreciate the finer points of the Camden family, also I drink now so when my lady friend is watching 7th Heaven I am pounding brews like a frat boy at an OAR dvd screening. Here are the rules to the 7th Heaven Drinking game


Take a Drink


Whenever Reverend Camden stops by unannounced

Matt involves himself in Mary’s personal life when he shouldn’t

Someone apologizes

Annie and Eric has an awkward intimate moment

Some one comments on Matt’s reputation

Ruthie and Simon plan something

Lucy cries

Eric cries


Ruthie makes a bitchy comment

Ruthie says, “What are we doing?”

Eric says, “I hope your right.”

Annie is cooking in the kitchen with raw vegetables


Camera zooms in on Happy

Mary is playing basketball

There are cookies in the kitchen

Lucy is on the phone


Mary wears overalls

Someone spies on someone else

Take 2 Drinks

Anytime somebody gets grounded

Lucy Says, “You don’t understand”

A black person appears on screen

Someone talks about sex

Happy communicates with the family by barking