The Great Tragedy That is the Arizona Cardinals

It’s a pretty amazing time to be an Arizona Cardinals fan. If you happened to tune in yesterday for the latest round of misery, the Cards dropped a close one to the Seattle Seahawks. After four quarters of play, the final score tallied 58-0.

Yes, that’s a real score and no, they weren’t playing basketball or some other high scoring centric event. The Cardinals had their asses kicked so bad, they literally made history. The 58-0 loss was the worst shutout in the history of the franchise and the highest scoring game for the Seahawks EVER. It’s pretty impressive when you consider how awful the Cardinals have been in the past.

This last Sunday was their 9th loss in a row, tying a franchise record set back in the early 40’s. You know, that was back around the time dudes were wearing leather caps and “hurled” the ball. So, you know – kudos to you, Arizona Cardinals.

They became a pretty awesome punch line as the game impossibly dragged on. Take a look at these tweets sent during game time for instance,

“The Arizona Cardinals have 6 first downs and 7 turnovers today. That’s impressive.”

“’No catches yet for Larry Fitzgerald.’ That should be the official slogan for the 2012 Arizona Cardinals.”

“The Cardinals would have been fine today if Larry Fitzgerald had just played WR, RB, QB, TE, OL, S, CB, LB, DE, K & P.”

The opposing coach allegedly ‘felt bad’ after the game. You know you should be embarrassed when a decent team you somehow beat earlier that season is sympathetic to you. It’s like beating someone in an arm wrestling match off a technicality and having your arm torn off in the subsequent rematch.

You’d have to think a team shamed so badly would come out with a fire underneath them the following week, but why should you when it’s the Arizona Cardinals?