The Scent of Seduction — Why Smelling Good Works

Some men might be surprised to learn how powerful the sense of smell can be in relation to their romantic performance. No, looking like George Clooney or having chiseled abs doesn’t always land you the girl – studies show it might actually come down to the way you smell. Hundreds of college students were polled… Read more »

July 24, 2014

This Stupid Week on Masterchef: Top 13 Compete

After writing a scathing dissection of this year’s Masterchef competition I decided I would waste even more of my time by doing episode recaps of every stupid episode of Masterchef for the remainder of the season. Dumb Mystery Box Challenge As usual we open on a thundering orchestra as the contestants stand behind their cooking… Read more »

The Jaguar F-Type, My Bucket List Spaceship

My love for cars began at a very early age. I remember my dad rolling up to our house in Oregon with a brand new Jaguar – it was the flashiest car around for miles. He’d take me for rides just outside of the city where we could test the full power of the engine…. Read more »

July 22, 2014

Best Organiser Apps

If you frequently miss important appointments and struggle with staying organised, there is now a solution in the form of mobile apps that will help keep you on top of everything. The following mobile apps not only boost productivity for even the busiest people, but best of all, they are free to download. Evernote This… Read more »

July 18, 2014

Rock Superstars Queen Announce Australian Tour for 2014

Queen are gearing up for their first tour of Australia in 30 years, with a string of must-see concerts this August. The British rock supergroup will be joined by Adam Lambert for the concert, who first worked with the band when they joined him on American Idol in 2009. Lambert’s vocal range has often been… Read more »

July 16, 2014

Planning a Bachelor Party Made Easy

So you’ve been selected as the best man for your mate’s wedding – congratulations are in order. Take heart, not everyone is bound by the sacred duty of ushering another man into married life with a bang. The fact that you were selected certainly says a lot about your character, eh? We consulted the crew… Read more »