Tips on Packing for Your Move

There’s no denying that moving homes can be stressful. But the stress associated with a move can be significantly reduced if you pack effectively. Whether you are moving belongings into a storage facility like Fort Knox Storage or directly to a new home, it’s important to be organised and have all the supplies that you… Read more »

The Leftovers Might Be Too Miserable For Me

Perhaps you’ve also started watching HBO’s The Leftovers. And perhaps, much like myself, you’ve just about reached the end of your rope watching HBO’s The Leftovers. Oh, I know – it’s completely taboo to give up on a series especially in the first season. Often times I find my choice to abandon a television series… Read more »

A Brief History of Hacking

How well versed are you with the history of hacking? We’ve all experienced those ugly run-ins with viruses, read headline news about sensitive information stolen from major corporations and more. It’s enough to admit that hacking is essentially part of our everyday lives. So why do we know so little about it? Don’t sweat it…. Read more »

July 25, 2014

The Scent of Seduction — Why Smelling Good Works

Some men might be surprised to learn how powerful the sense of smell can be in relation to their romantic performance. No, looking like George Clooney or having chiseled abs doesn’t always land you the girl – studies show it might actually come down to the way you smell. Hundreds of college students were polled… Read more »

July 24, 2014

This Stupid Week on Masterchef: Top 13 Compete

After writing a scathing dissection of this year’s Masterchef competition I decided I would waste even more of my time by doing episode recaps of every stupid episode of Masterchef for the remainder of the season. Dumb Mystery Box Challenge As usual we open on a thundering orchestra as the contestants stand behind their cooking… Read more »